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ChordCore is a piano (keyboard) education software for beginners who are just starting to learn the first chords, or even for experts who aim to broaden their knowledge or just exercise. The main purpose of the software is to provide a fast and graphical way to interpret the chords for a certain song. These days the internet is loaded with openly available chord/lyrics texts for almost every song. Most of these texts are mainly for the support of guitar players by showing them the correct guitar tabs. ChordCore can decode these texts on a built-in virtual piano keyboard, with the added choice to explore chord progressions. It is possible to record, playback and even save the tempo of chord changes which helps with learning complex music. With a few clicks, you can correct, improve or transpose the chords using the built-in chord definitions. ChordCore can interpret all known chord types and alternate chord symbols, but in case of personal needs, the database is easily updatable.

ChordCore PRO

The paid version of ChordCore is for those who truly wish to embrace all the features of the software.

ChordCore Free

The fully functional Free version is perfect for trying out the software.

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You will learn how to play chords easily without the knowledge of reading sheet music. You will learn how to build and play major, minor, seventh, augmented, diminished, suspended, extended chords on the piano. You will learn how to use chord formulas and their benefits. One of the tool’s capabilities is the reverse chord finder to find chord names that have a specific set of notes. By using a built-in virtual piano or dynamic text editor, the chords can be played with one out of five selectable MIDI instruments. It is possible to use high-quality sound fonts instead of general MIDI instruments to reach professional, studio-level sounding. You can even connect and pair your external MIDI Keyboard to ChordCore for improved comfort. Finally, you can export the used chords chart to PDF document.



With ChordCore you can write down the lyrics and chords of your song to achieve the wished chord progression. You can explore the set of extended chords common in jazz, funk, and R&B. If you are a musician but not familiar with chord symbol interpretation, ChordCore can help you with this too. Even singers can find ChordCore useful by having straight chord accompaniment in the best possible key.

ChordCore defined chord list



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Interpret and Play chords

Interpret and play chord symbols by copying them to ChordCore’s text editor

Over 80 built-in chord types

The database includes the most commonly used chord symbols for more than 80 chord types

Transpose chords

Instantly transpose the chords to any key with a simple click

Reversed chord finder

Find chord names by selecting keys on the built-in virtual piano

5 selectable MIDI instruments

Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Drawbar Organ, Acoustic Guitar, String Ensemble

No install, easy portability, offline use

Small-sized .exe file without the need for installing and internet access

Updateable chord database

Manually update your ChordCore database with new (missing) chord types and symbols

MIDI output selection

Select the MIDI output easily inside ChordCore (e.g.: VirtualMIDISynth,  synthesizers, keyboards)

Auto key signature finder

ChordCore automatically finds the key signature of chords with the highest probability

2 PRO themes

Change the design of ChordCore to the stylish Pro-Light or Pro-Dark

Export to PDF

Export the chord chart to .pdf format

Record & Playback

Record, play back and save the tempo between chords to ChordCore format (.ccf)

Save your settings to the registry

In-program settings are automatically saved to the registry

Pay once, stay PRO forever

No recurring payments

ChordCore FREE version




One time payment



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